Here are some of the groups I partner with through my research, or that I am directly involved in.


The Ticktin Lab

My advisor, Dr. Tamara Ticktin, advises many students interested in diverse projects ranging from plant demography and conservation, local and indigenous resources management practices (especially of non-timber forest products and agroforestry), and global change and resilience in coupled human-natural systems. Without the support of Dr. Ticktin and my fellow labmates, my research would not be possible, I am very grateful to them. 

Biocultural Initiative of the Pacific

The Biocultural Initiative of the Pacific brings together researchers and students working across the Pacific to help promote biocultural research and conservation. This network promotes new thinking and uses innovative approaches to solve imminent threats to both biological and cultural diversity. 

New York Botanical Garden

Home to two of my committee members, Drs. Michael Balick and Greg Plunkett, the New York Botanical Garden is the primary lead in the project I work on, the Plants and People of Vanuatu. The garden itself is one of the greatest botanical gardens in the world and functions as an educational institution, museum, and plant research and conservation center. 

South Pacific Regional HerbariuM and Biodiversity Centre

The South Pacific Regional Herbarium and Biodiversity Centre is located at the University of the South Pacific and is a part of the Institute of Applied Sciences. As my hosts during my Fulbright Fellowship in Fiji, I was advised by Mr. Marika Tuiwawa, the curator of the herbarium. The Centre maintains an extensive collection of not only plant, but also animal specimens, from across the Pacific. Holding some of the very first specimens collected in Fiji, which now make up foundational texts such as Smith's Flora Vitiensis Nova, the importance of this Centre is insurmountable. 

Fiji Government 

The Ministry of Education, iTaukei Affairs, Agriculture, Forests, and Health and Medical Services and their National Food and Nutrition Centre have all been crucial in their support of this project. These various ministries help ensure the welfare of the people of Fiji, as well as provide an avenue for, as well as mandate, that research results be given back to the communities. 

Wildlife Conservation Society - Fiji Office